Ecobee3 vs. Nest Thermostat: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Smart thermostat can significantly boost the value of your home? One of many reasons why a smart thermostat is well worth the investment

New Study Says Consumer Value Energy Efficiency Over Luxury

A annual Energy Pulse study from Shelton Group says that consumers in the new home prioritize energy-efficient features over luxury items.

Energy Efficiency Kills Coal, One Building At A Time

The US has made remarkable swift transition from coal dependency over the past ten years, but alternative fuel is only part of the sustainable energy equation.

Energy Incentive Programs

Massachusetts budgeted over $680 million in 2014 to promote energy efficiency in the state.

Home Office And Electronics Tips

Many people work from home at least one day per week. Working from home saves energy and time by cutting out the commute, but it may increase your home energy bills unless you use energy-saving office equipment.’s Landscaping Guide

Right in your own home, you have the power to save money and energy. Saving energy reduces our nation's overall demand for resources